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    24H Hotline:86-21-22025555

    shanghai securityservices



    Target Clients:
    l  Party and government organs
    l  Enterprises and institutions
    l  Financial and securities organizations
    l  Foreign consulates in Shanghai
    l  Medium and high-grade hotels and restaurants
    l  Public places of entertainment
    l  Medium and high-grade residential communities
    l  Domestic and overseas celebrities
    l  Government delegations
    l  Foreign companies and foreign-funded enterprises
    l  Star athletes and artists
    l  Domestic and foreign delegates at important conferences
    l  VIPs on international touring activities 
    Service Coverage:
    l  Entrance guard
    l  Security patrol in areas of responsibility
    l  Anti-theft security
    l  Fire-prevention inspection
    l  Other security services as demanded by clients
    l  Integral guard service for various large-scale activities
    l  Personal guard service for VIPs
    l  Vehicle guide service for diverse activities
    Assurance Advantages:
    l  Professionally-trained and highly-qualified security guards
    l  Professionally-distinguished and well-imaged security guards
    l  Quality security equipment, facilities and vehicles
    l  Guard dogs of the best breed, who have passed tests of various natures
    l  Integrated technical support by Shanghai Security Service Corporation
    l  Consultation and design on one-to-one professional security plan
    l  Professional ability to handle pre-arranged plans and respond flexibly to instant changes