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    Security Training

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    Target Clients:
    l  Units within the security industry
    l  Various organizations and institutions in demand of security training
    Service Coverage:
    l  National Vocational Qualification Training
    l  Advanced guard officer (Grade-A)
    l  Guard officer (Grade-B)
    l  Assistant guard officer (Senior/Grade-C)
    l  Intermediate-level guard (Grade-D)
    l  Primary-level guard (Grade-E)
    l  National Security Guard Certification Training
    l  Security Check-up Training
    l  Railway security check-up
    l  Security check-up at railroad grade crossing
    l  Security training examinations; issuance and management of ‘Certificate of Completion of Training Program on Qualification of Security Guard in Shanghai’ authenticated by Shanghai Public Security Bureau
    Assurance Advantages:
    l  Abundant and strong resources
    l  Professional faculty
    l  Accomplished training facilities
    l  Scientific teaching curriculum
    l  Rich experiences in security practice