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    24H Hotline:86-21-22025555

    shanghai securityservices



    Target Clients:
    l  Units, organizations and individuals in need of engineering design, construction, servicing and maintenance of technological security products
    l  Military and police departments
    l  Other units, organizations and individuals in demand of security products
    Service Coverage:
    l  Close-circuit television monitoring system
    l  Electronic access control system
    l  Perimeter alarm system
    l  Electronic night watching system
    l  Multi-media computerized system
    l  Electronic police evidence-taking system
    l  Weak current system for automatic control, fire fight and alarm, satellite TV and communication facilities in the building
    l  Production and sales of various security products such as bullet-proof and explosion-proof outfits, conventional police outfits, special policeman outfits and fire-fighting outfits
    Assurance Advantages:
    l  Professional design and construction team
    l  Accomplished qualification verification and product inspection procedure
    l  Successful cases of design and construction of technological security projects
    l  Highly-efficient project management modes
    l  Scientific and precise positioning and design of products
    l  Selection of super-quality materials and refined production technology
    l  Severely-tested product quality
    l  Perfect after-sale service system