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    24H Hotline:86-21-22025555

    shanghai securityservices



    Target Clients:
    l  Party and government organs
    l  Enterprises and institutions
    l  Hotels and restaurants
    l  Public places of entertainment
    l  Residential communities
    l  Schools including universities, high schools, primary schools and kindergartens
    l  Individual users in need of networking alarm system
    Service Coverage:
    l  Installation of alarm system inter-connected to the 110 network of the Public Security Bureau
    l  Monitoring and dispatching by the general control center
    l  Alarm reception and alarm processing by professional personnel
    Assurance Advantages:
    l  Large-scale areal inter-networking alarm system
    l  24-hour security monitoring and supervision
    l  Well-trained professional alarm processing professionals
    l  High-efficient emergency handling mechanism
    l  Assured inter-connection to the 110 network of the Public Security Bureau